Lazuli donates Anti-Virus Device to MECO Taiwan

December 17, 2020


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Lazuli donates Anti-Virus Device to MECO Taiwan

Mr. Angelito Tan Banayo, Chairman of Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO), the Philippine Reresentative Office in Taiwan toured around HCG and Lazuli’s Flagship Showroom in Taiwan on Thursday, December 10, 2020.


Mr. Banayo was also joined by Mr. Michael Alfred Ignacio, the Trade Representative Director of Commercial Affairs of Philippine Trade and Investment Center Taipe. MECO maintains good relations with Taiwan and the Philippines, in which HCG established manufacturing plants and a trusted brand for bathroom fixtures in both countries. In honor of his personal visit to the Showroom, HCG and Lazuli donated two units of Lenus for their corporate use, prior the official release of the new item from the brand. Lenus will be officially released on January 2021.


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Lenus, under the Lazuli brand, is a modern and innovative take on the traditional series of steps people undergo when entering establishments. With Lenus, a public or private space can now be more secured in an easier manner. Upon entrance and facing the tablet, an automatic temperature check (and optional face recognition for corporate offices) will be prompted followed by dispensing alcohol to sanitize the hands of the guest.


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Lenus is an integrated anti-virus device that is sleek, compact and user friendly. Its base options (short and tall) allow various establishments, whether public or private to easily blend the device with convenience and style. Compared to purchasing separate devices for a sole purpose, Lenus is a combined machine with improved, integrated uses for daily use.


Keeping people safe and healthy is in the utmost priority of most companies, and Lazuli takes this responsibility as well, producing a product that sets the standard for better, safer living.


The Lazuli Team and HCG Philippines continue to seek for networks and partner organizations in light of our vision to improve daily sanitary living through our products and programs.


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Lazuli and HCG Philippines Team awarded two units of Lenus to MECO. The visit was accommodated by Mr. Sam Chen, HCG Philippines' President; and Mr. Patrick Chiu, HCG Philippines' Chairman.